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MSNBC Recognizing the Nonsense

MSNBC is right with us here at American Money Lies on the Weaponised Nonsense. If your following the dialog of the past couple days at all, this morning’s broadcast is worth watching. Scary to me, but nice to see we’re not the only team taking note.

A few more thoughts. I posted this when I saw it this morning. It’s not only obvious the man hasn’t much idea of how government works or what’s really going on around him, it’s a milestone in that real people and credible reporters are now saying it in public. There is a catch however. It creates an out.

Calling him ill and making this into a sickness opens the exit door. One with the sympathy we all feel when our acquaintances and/or family suffer from similar fate. Sympathy…instead of facing what the long history of facts and actions demonstrate… fraud, lying, cheating contractors out of payment, groping, multiple bankruptcies designed to save personal capital at the expense of others, and now what is shaping up to be likely collusion.  Oh I am sympathetic, just not much toward frauds, crooks and cheats.


Media Support

A tumultuous week followed by a refreshing perspective on media from our German ally Angela Merkel.

Another tweet, again attacking the credibility of the media, the underlying message of go direct to the White House if you want the truth. Some of us prefer to hear multiple views even when we are aware of biases in the coverage. Take this very week as a positive example where those nasty media types broke a few facts we would otherwise not know of actions taken by our own government servants.

Not long ago we talked here about marginalizing the media. “Mostly subtle but effective in marginalizing the media, blackballing reporters who may not describe things the way Mr Trump perceives himself, and bombarding the public with false statements”

This tweet just one more step toward marginalizing the press. But as the Administration heads down this path it’s reassuring to see a powerful world voice speaking out in support and in respect for the press.

I stand by a free and independent press and have great respect for journalists,” Merkel said at an international security conference in Munich with U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in the audience. “We’ve always done well in Germany when we mutually respect each other.”

Nice to see some reason prevail in the free world.

Fake News Twist–Manufacturing Events so Sympathetic Sites Report

The eve of inauguration brings a bit of discussion about protests. While masses plan to highlight their concerns and objections to the Trump Presidency through peaceful protest, the right works to undermine  their statement.

Manufacturing events. It’s been around for a long time but today internet speed spreads it far and fast. Protests planned for tomorrow and Saturday are not fake and seem consistent with the current low approval ratings of the incoming President. So how to make them appear fake to sway and embolden followers? Manufacture a story indicating they are paid to protest of course. Here’s a screen shot of site promising just that:

Capture_Demand Protest

They promise to supply protesters, paid protesters, at a cost of course, for any cause. But that’s not the real point as they have no customers, no protests, and no revenue. They just have an ad on the internet. So the point became one picked up by right wing news outlets. Gateway Pundit, Breittbart, Drudge Report, essentially all outlets leaning to the far right with the claim protesters are being paid to object to the Trump Presidency. Of course then it’s on to the social media system where no one has, or takes, responsibility for fact checking anything.

The site is a hoax, admittedly pro Trump, making the entire story a hoax. Yup, all fake. All from right wing actors, and right wing media outlets. The very same people clamoring about media bias and fake news. But as rumors go, it’s a good one as it feeds into what some on the far right want to believe, and as a result still spreading.  Like the TV ads many grew up with, wait there is more:

Bring on James O’Keefe. Right wing operative/hero, benefactor of Trump Foundation donations, film-maker, selective editor,  many claim liar, but you be the judge of his plot:

“Right wing operatives would present themselves as representatives of a well-heeled donor (probably the great bogeyman of the right, George Soros, although no names are mentioned), offering large sums of money to progressive activists to create mayhem in Washington during the inauguration. The aim was supposedly to distract from Trump’s big day by getting news coverage to focus on the anti-Trump unrest.”

But they were busted by Undercurrent’s Lauren Windsor, and on video:

Capture_Project Veritas




This first video details the plot:




And this covers the interviews and response when confronted:



We shouldn’t  be surprised by these dirty tactics but we can still be disappointed Mostly it points to the extraordinary efforts being taken to undermine some of our fundamental rights. Our right to peacefully protest and the freedom of the press to inform.  Pay attention to the narrative tomorrow and the morning after. Check the source. Do not forget if someone undertakes a violent act, there is a good probability they are a paid right wing operator. Discrediting the protesters, and discrediting the media is underway, bigly.