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Budget, Finance, Banking, Social – Big Money Influence of America

Domain name reserved, host established, while not “set” the site is functional, so here is a first blog. Not some hot topic of the day but simple words on what I hope to make this blog about and why I’m doing it.  The why is easy for me, likely the how will be more difficult. But you found it, I hope you stick around, invite your friends so we can navigate this road together.

I retired from the working world over four years ago and have time to look at things in more depth than I did in the past. I’ve seen many stories, cartoons, cute quips circulate in the news and social media so often dug for some supporting facts. Not that I am the one to correct the media but as a curious sort, just to see if there actually was any ground truth to some of these statements being passed around by friends and acquaintances. I was appalled. Not just because there is so much unsupported BS being passed about, even more so in this political year, but because checking the truth is so easy. These “statements” as I’ll call them race across the electronic network, the very same network that puts such a wealth of facts and  information at the user’s fingertips. Almost all of the knowledge in the world can be virtually mined right here in a few keystrokes, a few moments, and sources checked to back it up, or not. How many, and how often educated people simply pass the “statement” on without making even the most cursory effort to see if it contains any truth is what I found most appalling.

Over the course of this blog I intend to hit on some of my favorite picks from the past couple months. Hopefully have some fun doing it, bring a few facts to light, challenge some standing knowledge regarding inflation, banking, US money supply, and facts many of us believe we know about the Federal Budget. Maybe I find fun in strange places but after observing several public arguments about US revenue vs spending I took a look and found the entire US budget, both projected and actual available to anyone who is interested. It is fun to jump in when the budget discussion is ongoing, pull the spreadsheet numbers, break it out in whatever context the discussion takes, and provide validating or correcting facts. Well fun to me. Some folks love to learn, some hate it when facts get in the way. An acquaintance running for office was caught red handed making his own facts regarding the Federal revenue/spending numbers. I was “un-friended” of course, but in the end his campaign is going nowhere.

Another area worth exploring is where the message come from. So I’ll look at some wholesome sounding organizations with, often deeply hidden funding sources and their political objectives. Think I’ll call it: “What’s in a Name?” The idea stemmed from a global warming discussion where a shallow dig revealed the organization to be funded by a consortium of big oil and tobacco; More marketing specialists on the Scientific Board than Scientists, and still arguing if smoking causes cancer, whether evolution should be taught in science, and if burning carbon causes heat or gasses trapping said heat. Of course theirs is a political objective, and I will be the first to agree facts can often be used to support differing conclusions. But having facts is what argument is ALL about. It is with those facts we can agree, disagree, discuss, debate, and determine a course of action. Even if that course is to find a few more data points, we are far ahead of those sending bull around the www simply because they believe, and unfortunately know others will fall for the ruse and pass it on and on and on.

I will conclude by saying that I am not without any bias.  I have strong beliefs in human rights, personal freedoms, religious freedoms without government influence or influence within government, and fiscal responsibility. I suppose I could be called a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. But that’s too easy. It’s time to dig in and question some of what we all know to be truths about money, inflation, and the federal budget. The bits I have learned this past year have even challenged a few of my own beliefs.