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Once in a while I have this urge to challenge some position or meme on social media. There are so many, and so meaningless, ones floating around every day that I don’t want to frustrate myself with the attempt. Some however stand out. Not because of the cleverness, or the position, but for the sheer stupidity. Today was one of those. Because of who posted it and the falsity, it got me thinking about the exclusivity of the conflict of being Christian and being untruthful, and I don’t understand.

The meme went something like this. It first stated an event followed by the line “no one seemed to care” followed later by another line “How come the media didn’t mind?” Posted by a self proclaimed Christian. Couldn’t help myself. In spite of knowing better, that it wouldn’t change anything, I pointed out the falsity… unless of course he could properly support. No fear since the statement itself and the posting thereof disproves it’s own conclusion. Logic. But he’s Christian, knowingly supporting a lie after the impossibility is made known, so it got complicated.

“No one” is indeed an extremely exclusive group. If anyone, just one single somebody seemed to care, the statement is false. Post the event followed by “no one seemed to care” means the poster seems or seemed to care…immediately making it false. Damn logic. But I knew it was false without the word play as I remember the event and I cared, so did most of my friends. But I regress. The issue rattling around my head all day has been about exclusivity. How can a person be Christian and lie? I find only the following options:

A non-Christian can lie or be truthful…free from morality entirely. Someone truthful can be either a Christian or non-Christian. Both have options. Personally I rate credibility well above Christian. But a liar can’t be Christian and a Christian can’t be a liar. Mutually exclusive. OK a Christian can lie but is he/she still a Christian? Being brought up in religion, I say no.

Closely related as I’m trying to understand the thought process behind what I’m seeing/sensing on social media, do Christians believe God checks Face-book? Would a Christian lie if their Father was looking over their shoulder and would know right off? From my old lessons I think we’re supposed to believe God is all seeing and all knowing. So he IS checking Face-book, and he knows it’s a lie. Somewhere, somehow there is a disconnect between reality and beliefs, and between the beliefs. The thought of getting away with one, even after the falsity is pointed out, may carry the day for some…temporarily suspending the all knowing all seeing belief. Perhaps it’s just a tale made for an unworthy human, non-believer. How would God know or care. Or lying for the good of the Religion, or God himself…perhaps believing even God himself might suspend a rule for benefit of religion or himself. But that’s not the God I was taught. Nor George Washington for that matter, telling on himself knowing punishment was forthcoming. Perhaps social media has created a massive credibility void. People can be or say whatever they want…suspended reality. Suspended beliefs. Suspended Christianity. Lying to advance the religion and/or the candidate your religion endorses. So the belief becomes suspended only when dealing with outsiders? I just don’t get it.

In the end I only have questions with no answers and don’t understand. Any help?

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  1. Kenneth Heathley Simpson

    Thanks Steve,

    Maybe their thinking goes like this in regard to “Lies and damn lies?”: Only the lies that result in “damnation” from the “Sky God” above, if there were such a thing, count? Little “white lies” for the “better good” would not count. Maybe lies that result in their definition of good are OK in their system of ethics and “Godliness”? Back in the day, the “Christian” burning of witches “served” the collective good in the minds of the torturers doing “God’s” work. In any case as you have shown their logic fails on its own terms. There is a kind of Orwellian “double think” involved here.

    There is an old saying that “Its is better to remain thought a fool than to speak up and remove all doubt.” In my system of ethics and belief, when confronted with the easy way out by using lie, I simply to not reply or speak. I “take the 5th”. However, lying to the Gestapo or an enemy spy would seem to be justified everyday operating procedure. Ethics are situational. Isn’t the standard reply to one’s partner nearly always, “Yes dear, your new hairdo is looks great”?

    Then there is the obvious statement that “the truth is relative” and at the same time there as Lenin said, “Facts are stubborn things”. Ignore the facts at your own peril. They come back and bite you. Lying will catch up with you if you live long enough, but not everyone lives long enough to get caught. Maybe it all comes down to who benefits?

    I think the greatest evil is lying to get someone to believe or act against their own or the collective interest/good. I thereby believe that the truth does set one free and the same goes for society. It would seem to be the only way to keep from tripping over those stubborn facts.

    Peace and love,



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