MSNBC Recognizing the Nonsense

MSNBC is right with us here at American Money Lies on the Weaponised Nonsense. If your following the dialog of the past couple days at all, this morning’s broadcast is worth watching. Scary to me, but nice to see we’re not the only team taking note.

A few more thoughts. I posted this when I saw it this morning. It’s not only obvious the man hasn’t much idea of how government works or what’s really going on around him, it’s a milestone in that real people and credible reporters are now saying it in public. There is a catch however. It creates an out.

Calling him ill and making this into a sickness opens the exit door. One with the sympathy we all feel when our acquaintances and/or family suffer from similar fate. Sympathy…instead of facing what the long history of facts and actions demonstrate… fraud, lying, cheating contractors out of payment, groping, multiple bankruptcies designed to save personal capital at the expense of others, and now what is shaping up to be likely collusion.  Oh I am sympathetic, just not much toward frauds, crooks and cheats.


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