The Wall

OK, now we know Mexico will pay for the wall. Done.

And from a reliable source

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  1. Kenneth Heathley Simpson

    Thanks Steve,

    Ken here. While nations have a right to secure their borders, the U.S. – Mexico border does not quite fit in this equation. The U.S. provoked and invaded Mexico in order to steal its territory and thereby increase the amount of slave holding states in the Union. In the negotiations that ended the war with Mexico, the U.S. promised that the territory taken from Mexico would have an open border with Mexico and the rights of Mexicans’ in the annexed territory would be respected. The U.S. Congress however rewrote the agreement by ratifying a different document there by swindling the Mexicans twice, first in imperialist war and second in negotiated peace. However, the border did remain open for decades because the U.S. had no ability or desire to close it, but this did not stop the persecution of Mexicans living on their land in the annexed territory. It is very difficult not to view any wall along the current border as monument to this swindle of a peaceful neighbor.

    OK, President Trump and your stooges build the wall if Congress appropriates the funds, but first pay Mexico for the stolen territory and the Mexican lives lost and families destroyed over the last 150 years and know this Mexico will never ever pay for securing the theft of its own property. By the way, what would be the fair compensation in today’s dollars for stealing the state of California come to? What about Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada? What about all the gold taken in the Gold Rush? Facts are stubborn things. The whole world is watching.

    1. Steve Post author


      Thanks for the wonderful history lesson…details which are forgotten within the creation of this Mexican boogeyman. We ourselves sit on land in New Mexico that wasn’t part of the US until just 105 years ago. It was irrigated off the Rio Grande and cultivated for many years before the US even became the US…and of course the native language is not English but Spanish…still predominant and for good reason.

      While the past injustice to natives (as you put forth) is often forgotten, so is the current history. It’s important but ignored by the Executive fear-mongers to understand some dynamics of illegal immigration. In rough numbers Mexicans make up just one half of the illegal immigration problem and those numbers continue to fall as they have since 2008. Of that half, roughly just one half come across the boarder illegally. What that shows me is that a wall with all the Trump bluster and exorbitant costs, will address less than one forth of unauthorized immigration. The real problem (if it is indeed a problem remains part of the debate) is folks entering the US on approved, legal visas and then overstaying. As an MBA I argue a wall between the US and Mexico presents an extremely poor return on investment. Costs are outrageously high, it addresses just 1/4th of the perceived problem, it’s effectiveness remains debatable, and the good will costs with our Mexican trading partners, neighbors and friends will likely be great.

      Thanks for your input Ken. Indeed facts are stubborn things.



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