Mike Flynn-Fake News Pro

Fake news right from the White House. But we knew that before he was confirmed. Now that he’s in the seat as National Security Adviser we continue to learn more about contact with Russia. Short story, he was in contact with Russia, he lied about it, the White House protected him, now we’ll see where it all ends. Good read here today from Foreign Policy.

“The allegation that Gen. Flynn, while President Obama was still in office, secretly discussed with Russia’s ambassador ways to undermine the sanctions levied against Russia for its interference in the presidential election on Donald Trump’s behalf, raises serious questions of legality and fitness for office,” Schiff said in a statement.

“If he did so, and then he and other administration officials misled the American people, his conduct would be all the more pernicious, and he should no longer serve in this administration or any other.”

Today the White House is quiet on this subject. Will Flynn be the sacrifice, or will we learn of deeper involvement as the investigation continues? Perhaps both.

13 Feb Update:

Two points this morning as we watch the fallout unfold. Look back to the post here here and see how we all saw this train coming. There was no doubt Mr Flynn was unreliable and untrustworthy, something already clear to the prior Administration. This will likely become noteworthy in Mr Flynn being fired by two consecutive Presidents.

May also want to have a look at this take from the Palmer Report regarding how deep the problem may run in this Administration. While we see no direct evidence supporting the Presidents knowledge of Mr Flynn’s calls, it is hard to perceive a senior official, long-time friend and supporter, interacting with a foreign power in complete isolation. So who else? And to what level? There is certainly much more to come…

14 Feb: Yes there was and still is more to come. Flynn has resigned, the President says he’s more concerned about the “leak” that caused this.

The White House is framing this as Flynn mislead Pence verses the security risk and legal violation, we learn the the Attorney General (Yates) had advised the Administration of the risk weeks ago, and we (the Administration too) already know Flynn had mislead the public with fake stories before the election even happened.

The Administration hired a guy to lie for them and didn’t like it when he lied to them.  Way too simple an explanation even from this group of amateurs. Never mind the security of the nation and the illegality, the issue is being carefully boxed in as a Flynn-Pence issue. More to come. My hunch is there are more conversations, more involvement, more investigations and more fall guys before we see the full breadth and depth of this…

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