Confirmation Hearings, Attorney General

As confirmation hearings are underway, this piece from conservative columnist George Will hits a couple key points. First the quality of the candidate in Alabama Senator Sam Sessions, and next the issue of seizing and selling property of people who have not been accused, let alone convicted of a crime. Policing for profit of which Mr Sessions supports.




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  1. Kenneth Heathley Simpson

    Thanks Steve,

    Good shout out. I remember an line from one of those old, black and white, gangster movies where the gang leader educates an honest worker. “Get your self a racket. Let the donkeys do the work.” Those gangsters types, like the rest of us, used have have rights. Forfeiture was only possible upon conviction of a crime. Whatever happened to protection against “illegal search and seizure”. The 5th Amendment mandates “due process” and is thereby supposed to prevent seizure of private property. This seizure upon accusation is a threat to all citizens. If it can be done to an alleged “gangster”, it can be done to all of us. We used have a constitution and laws but now they are a optional documents and methods that does not apply to Presidents or their minions. The courts are now staffed with stooges. Why wasn’t this violation of law thrown out by the lower courts? This challenge should never even reached the highest court. We are doomed, unless we fight back en masse.

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