U.S Ungovernable?

I usually don’t direct comments toward a party but after now the 40th vote to repeal the Affordable Healthcare Act, I just can’t help it. The masters however beat me to it. Paul Krugman; Chaos Looms:

“Over the longer run the point is that one of America’s two major political parties has basically gone off the deep end; policy content aside, a sane party doesn’t hold dozens of votes declaring its intention to repeal a law that everyone knows will stay on the books regardless. And since that party continues to hold substantial blocking power, we are looking at a country that’s increasingly ungovernable.”

Reports everywhere are calling this the most unproductive congress ever. Someone fill me in on the cost of 40, yes FORTY votes, all done with the foreknowledge they will not fly, just getting on the record after the fact. Jus what amount of U.S tax money, yours and mine, have these obstructionists spent? But wait, this fall we’ll see a stand-off sponsored by these same guys over the government spending too much money. Any bets?



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