NC Voter Suppression–Intentional

Phyllis Schlafly, a prominent leader of the religious right movement for decades, tells us the NC voter suppression is deliberate. Clearly what we just pointed out earlier this week right here has been verified by one of the ruling party strategists.

“The reduction in the number of days allowed for early voting is particularly important because early voting plays a major role in Obama’s ground game. The Democrats carried most states that allow many days of early voting, and Obama’s national field director admitted, shortly before last year’s election, that “early voting is giving us a solid lead in the battleground states that will decide this election.”

So what we have is a right wing activist telling us in very clear terms the North Carolina law was thought through and intentional in it’s intent to suppress votes from those likely to vote democratic. There are several legal challenges pending…I sure hope this gets put in the mix. Making a mistake is one thing, claiming ignorance is another, intentionally drafting legislation to suppress votes, then telling the world how and why. Well that has to impact the legal rulings.

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