Missing Media–Deficit Ignorance

Deficit is shrinking, but after listening to political commentary, Americans think otherwise. A few days ago Paul Krugman mentioned he’d like to see a survey on what Americans knew about the deficit. And now we have just that after Google willingly volunteered.

Lets take a look at the deficit over the recent past. As we covered yesterday, the deficit is and has been going down, nearly to the point it was before the recession and still falling :

Deficit Aug 13

Meanwhile we have politicians on the far right and especially the Tea Party saying we have a Trillion dollar deficit per year, some like Virginia’s Cantor have said it is growing this comment on 5 Aug 13 just a few day ago. Hello? So the question, what does the public believe. Here are the survey results so far when asked: How do you think the US Federal Government’s yearly budget deficit has changed since January 2010?


Results as of 1700 EST 13 Aug 13. (Click on the graph for a link to the most current survey results)

Oh how wrong we can be. I’m not surprised however as I continue to witness the discussion. We are being bombarded with misinformation as so called congressional “leadership” attempts to build support for their party positions before the next debt ceiling  battle–sure to be this fall sometime. The questions I have: Where is the national media? The Cantor interview for example took place on Fox News Sunday. Why were viewers not informed immediately of this misinformation? Why is it even lawful for a politician to misstate facts he/she knows or certainly has a responsibility to know, in what is no less than a deliberate attempt to mislead average citizens?


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