Budget (Mis)information

Limon Colorado, fueling the car I met a man, said something about “all the military cutbacks caused by ObamaCare”. What? Being a diligent tracker of the federal budget and understanding the time-lines of when the Affordable Care Act will be implemented and when the showdown began over the debt ceiling–in turn beginning what is now Sequestration–implementing significant government/military cuts, I know better. So I thought this probably isn’t his original idea and took a look.

Here is what Capital Hill Blue says:

“The cost of the health care overhaul — at least for the foreseeable future — is not contributing to the federal deficit. Obama and congressional Democrats made sure it was paid for through a combination of Medicare cuts, tax increases borne largely by the wealthy and an assortment of new taxes and fees on health care industries.”

Heritage Foundation, the great right wing think tank states:

But this was right above “The Right Way Forward For America, After repeal of ObamaCare……” Not even trying to fool the public into believing they are an unbiased party on this issue, much like the, Heritage Foundation Published Welfare, Undermining True Reform,  Which turned out to be absolute bull malarkey attempting to be passed off as “research”.

And then there is the ObamaCare Facts page. Take a look as I’m not going to quote it all here. But to have worked in the military budget process and staying in tune with spending since, I assure you the cuts underway right now as part of Sequestration are unrelated to ObamaCare. This all started when the Tea-party faction of the US House held the debt ceiling increase hostage to a vote on a balanced budget amendment. It is simply a fight over the debt ceiling being raised to accommodate spending already voted for and funded by the very legislative bodies arguing today about whether to pay the bills, or default.  Very thoughtful.

In the end it appears Mr. Gas Pumper may have had this thought all by himself, or perhaps the nephew he mentions as in the Navy, Crew Chief for the Blue Angles, may have an influence. Again as with many other budget and economic “facts”, positions are indeed held specifically because of beliefs. Often political, sometimes otherwise, but the fact remains, many Americans are Blinded by Belief in spite of the facts or rational thought.

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