Janet Yellen

Last week we heard some talk, perhaps a “trail balloon’ floated on the next Fed Chief. Politics erupted, howls form the same contingent arguing QE would cause inflation. Hello…you’re still wrong.

Meanwhile the White House did make a rookie mistake; floating a name without making a commitment. Perhaps looking to appease breakaway conservatives? I’m unsure, or better said think they’re unsure. Fix it

I’ll take a stand, Janet Yellen should be the choice. Why? Because she is good. So is Summers, the “floated” option. But lets look at the track record. I don’t give a damn if it’s a woman or a man, we need someone who is good, has been good, and has a idea what it takes to move out of this job deficit. Her forecasts have been better than the rest since the start of this recession. So why would we consider someone else? Because the folks wrong still since 2007 don’t like her? Or don’t they like a her vs a him? Food for thought. Meanwhile take a look at the track record here:

Federal Reserve ‘Doves’ Beat ‘Hawks’ in Economic Prognosticating

Slow Growth, Low Inflation Give Yellen, Dudley Upper Hand on Forecasts


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