Drug Tests for Food?

While I dwell on the cost-benefit analysis for doing drug tests, Steven Strauss goes direct for the double standard:

The Republicans support massive Federal programs that protect farmers from price fluctuations, and subsidize their insurance and maintenance of their land — without any requirement for drug testing. But if you’re a laid-off factory worker, needing food stamps to feed your family for a few months while you find another job — you need to “pee in a cup” to satisfy a coven of Republican Congressmen.

I like his approach. While we’re at it, how about all those fossil fuel subsidies, no drug tests there. Bank bailouts…Nope. Mortgage deductions for the multi-million dollar 3rd home/yacht…Nope. It appears only the hard up folks are subject to this demeaning requirement. But then who contributes to the campaign coffers?


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