We’re Back

Back from our break sailing north. Short stop in Bermuda, then on north, now have been catching up with friends and fellow co-conspirators in Massachusetts. Very nice.

Meanwhile not much has happened. Congress is stall haggling over unnecessary budget cuts in spite of everything Rogoff and Reinhart being proven false and worrying about the debt which is going away through growth and employment. Meanwhile doing nothing to resolve the sequester cuts of which all of them were so up in arms they spent weeks (and $millions) attempting to convince us it was all the other party’s fault. We are and will continue to see employment/unemployment impacts from the sequester and unnecessary drag on economic growth, I’ll get to more of that later.

On the other hand, this blog has been found. Not that it’s always good but the search engines seem to plucking it from the electronosphere ( I may have just made that up) within whatever search criteria seems to be the trend of late. How am I sure? Spam. Like political jargon, is on the upswing. So—if you’re posting comments on this blog with the intent to publish a link to your site selling purses, backpacks, calculators and whatever. Please don’t. If you actually read…you’ll see that they are not getting published. I welcome comments, agree or not both are ok. I would welcome occasional guest bloggers provided your points can be and are backed up up with facts not just opinion or worse yet “jaded” research from some politically waaaaay off center think tank. Meanwhile, I sift through them all. I post all the ones that are in English, stand on facts, and contribute to this discussion. The rest of you, sorry. Buy an ad somewhere. Maybe I’d even sell you one, but forget the spam and hope method…at least for this site.

If you like reading and want to contribute, click that little follow-me button and you’ll see when we’re working to break out some truths from the lies. Even become part of the solution if you want. I’ll buckle down to more meaty issues.


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