Keep Kicking This Horse

A short look back at post recession jobs in a continued effort to keep the R-R discussion alive. Perhaps surmise over what worked well in the past, diffuse a couple myths regarding past policy, and ponder at what could have been without the misguided effort to cut budgets at perhaps the worst time.

BUSHvOBAMA_jobsREVFirst one from my own archives…the comparison of public sector and private sector job growth between the current and last administrations. Pretty surprising given current conservative rhetoric about how much smaller they prefer government.


Next we have a look at what happened to federal growth during the Reagan Administration. Again conservatives grew government.


And here is an interesting one again from the pre-election americanmoneylies archives, a comparison of where unemployment would be IF the current (Obama) administration had spent and retained government at the same rate as the Bush Administration.

Unemployment if Government Remained at Bush Levels

Unemployment if Government Remained at Bush Levels

Oh what a recovery it might have been with all those folks working and paying taxes in lieu of being cut, then held from a complete fall under our social safety nets…costing the feds additional spending anyway. With the R-R theory in shambles there is still time to frame a reasonable response. And a response demonstrated acceptable to the GOP when it was “their guy” in office.

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