Blinded by Belief

If someone had told me a few years ago that human beings could completely ignore facts simply because of their beliefs I would have called them wrong. Well, I am wrong. I held human kind in high esteem thinking education, reason, conscious thought could influence them to the truth, at least a large degree of the truth. We see by virtue of Tuesdays Business Insider survey and report, just how wrong I have been. Human opinion IS indeed influenced by what they want to believe, apparently politicians too.

The beauty of this survey is in the methodology, laying out solution options for the self imposed sequestration problem, but stripping away all indicators of political party, title, or who sponsored the plan, these pollsters put potential solutions to the public and the public has spoken. In such a big margin there really is no room for interpretation, they have chosen a strategy far different than their (alleged) representation.  Will Washington listen?

     “The poll asked participants to consider the core points of three sequester replacement proposals in Congress, without telling them the partisan affiliation of those plans. It found that in some cases, both Democrats and Republicans actually opposed their own party’s plans and/or backed their adversaries’ proposal.”

Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, read each proposed strategy and gave their preference, true democracy in action. The result in that most self identified Republicans disagree with strategy put forth by Republican leadership, instead choosing the option pushed by House Progressive Democrats. In a blind poll, verses one in which who put forth what, unencumbered by public arguments influencing the outcome, the strategy put forth by the House Progressive Caucus has the public support as the option considered mast palatable, workable, and good for the country.

     “The House Progressive Caucus plan replaces the entire sequester with a new plan with equivalent savings. It accomplishes this by ending subsidies to fossil fuel companies, closing several tax loopholes, cutting the corporate meal and entertainment tax deduction at 25 percent, and enacting a 28 percent limit on certain tax deductions and extensions”

In the end, while many humans may truelly not have the ability to set aside preconceived preferences, they chose good option in the blind. And in a democracy, they speak. I sure hope Washington pays attention. After all legislators are the ones who created this self imposed problem in the first place.

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