Romney and Bain saved by Government Bailout?

Today, news about the government bailout saving Bain. First blush appears like the supporting docs mostly came under FOIA. Rolling Stone broke it yesterday and folks stayed away now seeing some traction Business Insider, Bloomberg Huffington Post this AM. Curious how further info will go. Hmm    Mitt Romney Benefited From Government Bailout: Report The Huffington Post| By Mark Gongloff
Posted: 08/30/2012  1:48 pm Updated: 08/30/2012  5:42 pm

Bailed Out by Government?

“And one person who has gotten quite a lot of government help with his business over the years has been Mitt Romney. The latest example comes from Rolling Stone, which in its Sept. 13 issue tells how the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ended up footing a bill of at least $10 million in bailing out Bain & Co., the consulting firm that spawned the private-equity firm Bain Capital. The story is based partly on documents the magazine received under the Freedom of Information Act.”

Once again it looks like corporate welfare is OK, but help for the truly needy is not.

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