Put the Trash in it’s Place

You will Be Fined for Dumping Rubbish

Today we drove east out of Albuquerque and saw a great billboard “There are 9,600 Pieces of Trash in the Next Mile”. Great message I thought, but now we need one for the Social networking: There are 9,600 Pieces of Trash in the Next Minute.It seems like anyone can print anything and it get’s posted and re-posted on social networking. And it never ever goes away.

Yesterday I saw in my Facebook feed several posts that are just flat lies. So I looked up the facts, posted the facts, gave a reference, but the posts are still there.  People keep “liking” them and apparently the posters, my “friends” at least for now, think it’s OK to keep spreading even after the lie is brought to their attention.

Same for Littering

It might be easy to grab onto a headline because it’s your party, your religion, your belief, or maybe something you just wish was true. But after it’s pointed out to be a lie, what are you thinking? A line from my US Air Force Commander days comes back to me “There is nothing at Stake but Your Credibility”. Unfortunately the example set by both liberal and conservative PACs is horrible, but they are anonymous donors, faceless, hiding political and social objectives behind fancy names like Heartland Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, or the ACLJ who posted Oppose Obama’s Lawsuit Against Military Voting Rights.*  Huh? There is no such lawsuit, but a challenge to retain early voting in Ohio for folks who may have difficulty getting to the polls on voting day and nothing about the military votes at all. But the lie is being pushed around the networks by all kinds of folks…and your name’s on it (if it’s you). This one is landing in my box over and over. How about a fine for this kind of trash?

I’m sure it’s your 1st amendment right to retell this crap, but remember, it is my right to keep up the challenge and call it what it is; trash! Hopefully readers will join in this battle. Let’s put the trash in it’s place.

Picth In – We Can Have an Impact

  • http://aclj.org/us-constitution/oppose-obama-lawsuit-against-military-voting-rights

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