Federal Revenue

At the end of 2011 I was solicited to aid an aquaintence who intended then, and is now running for office in my old home town of St Petersburg Florida. He asked me to validate a comment he made on the  deficit espousing “Current revenues closely reflect revenues in 2007”. So I ran some numbers for him, provided a solid written summary, even povided this graph done in 2005 dollars to account for inflation. His rheteroric didn’t change. Here are the gov numbers, what do you think? What’s a couple hundred Billion, or cumulative Trillion plus among friends anyway? Thankfully, his campaign is doing poorly.

On another note, I certainly didn’t want to start with a political one-liner, but have apparently had a bit of help. I couldn’t help but notice that after offering advertising space, the first add to show on this blog titled americanmoneylies.com; Budget, Finance, Banking, Social –  Big Money Influence of America, was an ad for the Mitt Romney Official Site…”Donate $5 Now”  Sorry folks, you just can’t make this stuff up.

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